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History & Mission

To draw up and popularize technical standards and practice rules of real estate appraisal and real estate agency

To establish credit archives for real estate appraisers, real estate appraisal companies, real estate agents and real estate agencies

To conduct routine supervision and management over practice behaviors of members; to report member appeals to the related government departments; to maintain legitimate rights and interests of members and support legal practice of members

To deal with other related work specified by laws and regulations or entrusted or authorized by the administrative authority

Basic information of Chinese real estate appraisal industry

Real estate appraisers provide value references for real estate transactions, expropriation compensation, mortgage, compensation for damages and taxable value and play a significantly important role in promoting fair real estate transactions, maintaining social stability and preventing financial risks.

Real estate appraisal is a national legal system. In accordance with Law of the People’s Republic of China on Urban Real Estate Administration, China carries out real estate appraisal system and real estate appraiser qualification certification system.”

Having established administrative licensing for qualification of real estate appraisers and real estate appraisal institutions. Unlicensed activity is illegal.

Having established real estate appraiser professional qualification system. It is necessary to pass the national examination to obtain the qualifications of real estate appraisers.

By the end of 2011, there are approximate 5,000 real estate appraisal companies throughout the whole country and over 300,000 practitioners, of which 44,000 practitioners have obtained real estate appraiser professional qualification.

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